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Welcome to Deco-Tile: The Leading Tile Suppliers in Toronto & Oakville

Serving the community since 1995, Deco-tile, a leading tile supplier provides residential and commercial clients in the Greater Toronto, Oakville and Hamilton / Halton regions with a wide selection of high-quality luxury tiles. We stand out among the tile distributors in Toronto & Oakville for the variety of innovative materials, colours and styles available in our collections. Whether you are an architect, interior designer, individual homeowner or property manager, our team at Deco- tile will provide a guiding hand to help you achieve the right look for your project.

Our company is a family-owned business with two generations who take pride in what they do. The team at Deco-tile strives to inform, innovate and inspire their clients every step of the way in a renovation, new build or commercial project. With years of experience in the tile & stone industry in Toronto & Oakville, Deco- tile dedicates its time and effort to serving our customers and providing them with the full experience from start to finish, thus helping to create the ideal dream space.

We are one of the major tile suppliers in Toronto & Oakville, and our customers have come to depend on our innovative materials and knowledgeable staff. Our specialists know a lot about each of our products. We focus on customer service and education when it comes to the feasibility of using different materials to achieve a design goal.

We stand behind our work with high-quality products that allow you to achieve timeless appeal. Our distinctive tiles for floors and walls help clients achieve a cohesive look throughout their homes. Whether you want to dress up a veranda, kitchen or washroom, Deco-Tiles products can help you replace wood flooring or carpeting with stylish, durable, long-lasting tiles.

Choose the Material that Appeals to You

From customized consultations to the selection of colours and materials, you can count on our dedicated team to help you find floor and wall tiles in Toronto. Our showroom and online gallery may also inspire your design choices.

The materials used in our tiles include the following:

Deco-Tile provides the biggest selection and the best service among tile suppliers in Toronto & Oakville

We Partner with Trade Professionals

Contractors, designers, developers, and facility managers turn to us to create bespoke tile work in kitchens, bathrooms, lobbies, and public spaces. Let us help you learn more about how to use tile in your interior and exterior spaces to create a timeless appeal that withstands high traffic.

All you have to do is open an account to access Deco-Tile’s finest inventory.

At Deco-Tile, we can help you pursue your own design or come up with the colours and materials that would make your space stand out. Contact us online with any questions you may have or to order from the top tile suppliers in Toronto & Oakville.


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