Month: August 2021

What’s Different About Rectified Versus Pressed Tiles in Toronto?

Rectified Versus Pressed Tiles

One of the first choices to make when retiling your Toronto home involves deciding on the overall look of the tile. There are two main types of tile cuts, rectified and pressed. Pressed tiles have finished, rounded edges. Traditional tiles feature this style with rounded edges. These tiles require more grout between the seams, and

Upcoming Trends for DIY Subway Tiling

NEW Deco Tile August 01 Upcoming Trends

Subway tiles have been around for over 100 years, and these versatile tiles continue to inspire new applications in homes in Toronto and around the world. From horizontally stacked backsplashes to vertically stacked shower walls, subway tiles make a stunning impression on many surfaces in your home. Choosing different finishes, styles, and colours and adding