Are Porcelain and Marble Tiles Both Natural Stone?

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No, porcelain is a synthetic material while natural stone comes from quarries. Marble is one example of natural stone. At Deco-Tile, you can find a wide selection of natural stone or porcelain tiles in Toronto. Keep reading to learn more about the differences between marble and porcelain when it comes to your tiling project.

Porcelain Tiles in Toronto

Porcelain refers to a specific type of ceramic baked at high temperatures. This gives the porcelain tiles a high quality glossy or matte finish, and results in low porosity, making porcelain tiles moisture resistant and durable.

Marble Tiles in Toronto

Natural stone such as marble can increase the price of your flooring project because it’s mined from quarries in a labour-intensive process.  However, many homeowners prefer the natural look and unique beauty of marble tiles.

Porcelain Vs. Marble Tile

Porcelain tile installation challenges homeowners who want to do their own flooring projects. However, natural stone also requires pre-sealant to avoid stains, cracks, and other damage.

Marble floors give you a look crafted by nature and every tile is unique. High-quality porcelain mimics natural stone but does not have the individuality of marble flooring. Natural stone has greater colour variation and veins of colour. However, porcelain feels creamy smooth underfoot. Contact Deco-Tile today for assistance deciding whether marble or porcelain tiles in Toronto would work best in your home. Our accessories include mortar, grout, and cleansers to assist with the installation and maintenance of your flooring.