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Choosing the right flooring can make a world of difference in your space. As you search through the options, there’s no doubt that both porcelain and marble tiles will be considered. But what are the key differences between these two types of tiles? Join us on this journey to understand porcelain and marble tiles and find out which one might be the best fit for your home. 

Porcelain tiles 

Porcelain tiles are a type of ceramic baked at high temperatures. This gives the synthetic material a glossy or matte finish, low porosity, and excellent moisture resistance and durability. 

Marble tiles 

Marble, a natural stone, is mined from quarries through a labor-intensive process. Its natural look and unique beauty make it a preferred choice for many homeowners, despite its potentially higher cost. 

Porcelain vs Marble tiles 

Porcelain tile installation can present challenges for homeowners attempting DIY projects. On the other hand, natural stone like marble requires pre-sealant application to prevent stains, cracks, and other potential damage. 

Marble floors offer a unique, nature-crafted look with each tile being distinct. They exhibit greater color variation and veins of color. Porcelain, while high-quality, mimics natural stone without the individuality of marble flooring. It also boasts a creamy smooth texture underfoot. 

Contact Deco-Tile for expert guidance in determining whether marble or porcelain tiles would best suit your home. Additionally, they offer essential accessories like mortar, grout, and cleansers to aid in the installation and maintenance of your chosen flooring material.