Does ceramic tile break easily?

Does ceramic tile break easily?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are designed to be strong and durable when installed correctly. Ceramic tiles in Toronto homes that are installed on kitchen or bathroom walls give your home a unique touch that will last for years when you take care of them. Unglazed tiles should be cleaned with cleaning solutions designed for tile. Don’t use harsh chemicals or acids that might damage the tile. Check the cleaner to make sure it can be used on the grout, too.  

What type of maintenance do ceramic tiles need?  

Ceramic tiles in Toronto are low maintenance. You can use a dust mop, vacuum, or dust cloth to keep the tiles clean. Tiles near a stove or in the kitchen may need to be cleaned more often than tiles in the bathroom, but a weekly wipe down is usually sufficient to keep the tiles from accumulating dust and dirt. Ceramic tiles are designed to last for decades. The grout needs a bit more maintenance. In high-traffic rooms, you may need to deep clean the grout every three to six months. You should also consider resealing the grout every six months or once a year in high-traffic places.  

Can you repair cracked tiles?  

Ceramics in Toronto are durable but it is still possible that they might crack when subjected to a hard enough impact. If there is damage to a tile, tile stores in Toronto will probably recommend replacing the whole space. By trying to repair just one or two tiles, this may disrupt the surrounding tiles or damage whatever setting material was used previously. For example, if a shower needs a few tiles replaced, the waterproofing underneath may be damaged while trying to fix the repair. Contact Deco-Tile for more information and get all the answers you should know about ceramic tiles in Toronto.