Grout and Mortar Recommendations for Do-It-Yourself Home Tiling

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Mortar attaches your tiles to the floor or wall and grout fills the spaces between tiles. Choosing the right brand affects the look and functionality of your completed tiling project.

Customers often ask Deco-Tile pros for a recommendation on grout and mortar. We trust Mapei for consistent results and easy to mix products. Deco-Tile offers numerous Mapei tile grout and mortar products to help you with your DIY renovations in Toronto.

Advantages of Mapei Products for Tile Flooring

Mapei has a fast-setting product that you can use for grout and mortar purposes. You choose from sanded or unsanded grouts to achieve the aesthetic you want.

The benefits of using Mapei products available at Deco-Tile include the following:

  • Moisture resistance to protect your sub-flooring
  • Durable composition for long-lasting wear
  • Strong bonds to resist damage due to chemical cleaners
  • Easy to clean when used with ceramic or porcelain tiles in Toronto

Mapei uses fine aggregate (FA) to accommodate narrow or wide joints. This makes your

Mapei products offered through Deco-Tile have the following certifications:

ISO 13007: Classification CG2WAF

SCS Green Squared: ANSI A138.1

ANSI: A118.6 and A118.7 standards

Meeting industry standards for performance and sustainability is the hallmark of a progressive partner you can trust with your DIY tiling adventure.

Universal Grout and Mortar Solution

You can use Mapei grout and mortar in commercial and residential properties. Homeowners can complete their interior and exterior tiling with the same high-quality grout and mortar from Mapei.

Whether you choose natural stone, granite, slate, or synthetic materials such as porcelain or ceramic tiles in Toronto, Mapei products keep your tiles firmly in place for years to come. Contact Deco-Tile today for assistance with choosing ceramic and porcelain tiles in Toronto, as well as grout and mortar, and other tile accessories for your DIY flooring projects.