How Do I Choose the Best Tiles For My Home?

How Do I Choose The Best Tiles For My Home

If you’re considering a DIY renovation project for your Toronto home, exploring the world of ceramic and porcelain tiles could be the creative outlet you’re looking for. Whether you’re creating a space to entertain guests or managing a bustling household, you want durable flooring and wall options that not only impress but also withstand the rigors of daily life.  

FAQs About Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles 

What is the difference between ceramic vs porcelain tiles?

Porcelain’s strength comes from a unique glazing process, making it suitable for various installations, including flooring and walls.

Difference Between Ceramic And Porcelain Tiles

Its frost-resistant properties also make it an excellent choice for exterior projects. On the other hand, ceramic tiles are softer and easier to cut, making them suitable for specific residential flooring and wall applications. Today’s technology has also evolved ceramic tiles into a more durable option for both residential and commercial flooring. 

Do marble tiles require a lot of maintenance once installed?

While marble tiles exude a distinct quality when installed, there is a common concern about how difficult they are to maintain. Proactive care can save time and keep your marble tiles looking pristine. Using proper cleaning and sealers helps to repel dirt, liquids, and food, and quick clean-ups are essential to prevent etching and stains.  

What is the upcoming trend for subway tile applications?

The subway tile trend has evolved to include vertically stacked backsplashes, shower walls, and bathroom walls, providing a fresh twist to your space. Their versatility allows for both vertical and horizontal placements, with options to align rows for a uniform look or stagger for added visual interest. Glass and reflective subway tiles add a touch of glamour and create the illusion of a larger space. Matte surfaces are also gaining popularity. 

What grout and mortar do you recommend?

Mapei, an industry leader, consistently delivers outstanding results. Deco-Tile offers an extensive range of Mapei tile grout and mortar products to support homeowners in completing their DIY projects.

Advantages Of Mapei Products

Advantages of Mapei products include superior moisture resistance, durability, resistance to chemical cleansers, easy cleaning, and hygienic properties when properly sealed. 

What are the most popular tile sizes?

Large tiles are currently trending in Toronto. The most sought-after sizes in our Toronto tile store are 24×24 or larger, as well as 18×36, 24×48, and 32×32.

Most Popular Tile Sizes

Both square and rectangular tiles are in vogue, offering numerous options for designing tile flooring that enhances your home’s value. 

Is a 12×24 tile too big for a small space?

No, in fact, large format tiles can make small rooms appear more spacious by reducing the number of grout joints. Toronto homeowners are favoring rectangular tiles, with 12×24 becoming the new standard. 

What is the difference between a rectified and pressed tile?

Rectified tiles have straight-cut edges, creating a seamless and tight joint look ideal for flooring. Pressed tiles, with finished edges, are more cost-effective as they don’t require additional cutting. Both options can achieve beautifully finished floor or wall tiling. 

Are porcelain and marble tiles both natural stone?

No, porcelain is a manmade material, whereas marble is quarried natural stone. Marble is exceptionally durable and showcases natural veins and patterns, providing a unique look with every slab. 

What is the standard thickness of porcelain tile?

Our porcelain tiles in Toronto range from 8mm to 10mm in thickness. 

Can I use mosaic tiles on the floor?

Absolutely! Mosaic tiles, available in various materials, allow you to create unique floor designs in your shower or bathroom. They offer the opportunity to craft beautiful, personalized patterns and are easy to install. 

When it comes to your DIY renovation project, choosing the right tiles is crucial. Deco-Tile’s showrooms in Oakville and Toronto both have an extensive collection, organized by brand, material, and style, streamlining the selection process, and saving you valuable time. And if you ever find yourself needing advice or guidance, our tile experts are just a message away. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Deco-Tile for expert advice on selecting and installing your ceramic and porcelain tiles in Toronto!