How many colour and texture options are there with ceramic tile?

How Many Colour And Texture Options Are There With Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles come in a wide range of colours, patterns, textures, and sizes to offer homeowners a broad selection of options. When combined with a spectrum of grout options, you’re sure to find the tiles that complement your style and personality. The choices don’t have to be overwhelming, here are some ways to find the right ceramic tiles for your Toronto home.

Tile size

Tiles are manufactured in a wide range of sizes from 1-inch to 24-inches. Most tiles are square to make patterning easier, but rectangular tiles, called subway tiles, are on-trend. These tiles generally are sized 3×6-inches but can come in other sizes with different ratios to create a unique look, such as 3×12, 2.5×16, 2×8 or 2×10. The smaller the tile, the busier the pattern. In a small area, larger tiles are often a better choice.

Colours, patterns, and textures

Ceramic tiles can take on many disguises, from natural wood to a wallpaper-like look. Manufacturers create tiles in a wide range of designs to suit any décor from a hand-made rustic look to a modern flat linear style. Using decorative mosaics can give you even more options with tiles in Toronto. Textural options provide more depth and style in any room.

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