Ceramic Tiles

Does Ceramic Tile Need to Be Sealed?

Does Ceramic Tile Need to Be Sealed?

Ceramic tiles are durable and a good choice for a variety of surfaces. There’s always a question about whether ceramic tiles in your Toronto home should be sealed or not. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t easy. It depends on the project. Here is some information about sealing tiles.   Why Seal Tiles?   Ceramic tiles for your Toronto home are very durable and affordable. Porcelain tiles are much more water- and

What Are the Types of Ceramics?

Types of ceramic

Ceramic tiles come in many sizes, shapes, and colours. When you’re looking at ceramics in Toronto for wall design, you should understand the different types of ceramics to understand how to use the tiles. Ceramic tiles are clay-based and kiln-fired. They are durable and protect walls against water damage.   Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles – What’s the Difference?