What are the upcoming trends for DIY subway tiling?

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Subway tiles have been a staple for over a century, continually finding innovative applications in homes. Whether adorning horizontally stacked backsplashes or vertically arranged shower walls, these versatile tiles leave an indelible mark on various surfaces within your living space. By selecting diverse finishes, styles, and colors, and incorporating unexpected elements, you can infuse your subway tiles with a personalized touch, leading to gratifying home enhancements. 

What are the best applications of Subway Tiles? 

The rectangular form of subway tiles provides a canvas for numerous stacking options. Opt for horizontal placement for a classic aesthetic or go vertical for a striking design statement. Precision can be achieved by aligning the tiles neatly, while creating visual intrigue is possible by offsetting them in an alternating, bricklayer-inspired pattern. 

How can I best utilize subway tiles in my Toronto home? 

For those enamored with old-world Hollywood glamour, consider integrating glass and reflective subway tiles in spaces like your powder room, bathroom, or kitchen. This addition not only introduces a glittering focal point but also imparts an illusion of expanded space. Conversely, subway tiles with a matte finish bring a sense of understated elegance to backsplashes and wall coverings. 

Frequently, clients inquire about the modernity and trendiness of subway tiles. Presently, they remain a favored design element for homeowners seeking to infuse showers, bathrooms, and kitchens with an air of sophistication. The adaptability of subway tiles renders them compatible with a wide array of styles, from the rustic charm of farmhouse aesthetics to the sleek, contemporary vibes of urban living. 

Are subway tiles considered a modern and on-trend choice for home design? 

The choice between bevelled and plain subway tiles hinges on personal taste. Bevelled tiles exude a softer effect, though they may pose a slight challenge when it comes to achieving precise grouting. Nonetheless, some homeowners gravitate towards bevelled tiles for the sense of depth they lend, particularly with colored tiles in bathroom and kitchen settings, including backsplashes, showers, and wall features. 

How do I decide between bevelled and plain subway tiles for my project? 

If you find yourself deliberating over color, white subway tiles stand as a timeless option that seamlessly complements any interior decor, offering your space a perennially classic ambiance. 

What is a versatile color choice for subway tiles in my Toronto home? 

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