Upcoming Trends for DIY Subway Tiling

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Subway tiles have been around for over 100 years, and these versatile tiles continue to inspire new applications in homes in Toronto and around the world. From horizontally stacked backsplashes to vertically stacked shower walls, subway tiles make a stunning impression on many surfaces in your home. Choosing different finishes, styles, and colours and adding unexpected elements can help you personalize your subway tiles to achieve satisfying home improvements.

Best Applications of Subway Tiles in Your Toronto Home

The rectangular shape of subway tiles gives you many ways to stack them. Place them horizontally for a traditional look or vertically for a standout design element. You can also align the tiles for a neat, precise look or create visual interest by offsetting the tiles. This entails stacking alternating rows so that the edges don’t line up, mimicking a bricklayers’ pattern.

Do you love old-world Hollywood glamour? Consider glass and reflective subway tiles in your powder room, bathroom, or kitchen to add a glitzy focal point and make the room seem bigger. On the other hand, subway tiles with a matte finish add understated elegance to backsplashes and wall tiles. 

Many clients ask us if subway tiles are modern and on-trend. Today, subway tiles are still a go-to design element for homeowners seeking to add sophistication to showers, bathrooms, and kitchens. The versatility of subway tiles makes them suitable for diverse styles, from farmhouse chic to modern, urban vibes. 

Choose from bevelled or plain subway tiles, depending on your preferences. Bevelled tiles create a softer effect but are a bit trickier to grout neatly. Some homeowners prefer bevelled tiles because they add depth, particularly on coloured tiles for the bathroom and kitchen backsplashes, showers, and wall features. 

Are you stuck on a colour choice? White subway tiles match any décor and give your room a classic look. 

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