What Are the Most Popular Tile Sizes?

Most Popular Sizes for Tiles

Large tiles are all the rage, so don’t be afraid to choose them for your DIY project. We’ve been selling massive amounts of the following sizes:

  • 18×36
  • 24×48
  • 24×24
  • 32×32

Deco-Tile stands out from other tile stores in Toronto with a variety of tiles 12-18 inches long and wide. Many people are surprised to find out that large tiles make small to large spaces look big. So, if you’re dealing with a smaller room like a bathroom, your first instinct may be to go with small tiles, which can work in this space, but for a dramatic impact, we always recommend larger sizes.

Why Do Larger Tiles Work Even in Tighter Spaces?

Longer dimension lines trick the eye into lengthening the room. Plus, there are fewer grout lines to interrupt the flow. Larger tiles often make spaces feel more open. Use your own judgement on the sides. However, many homeowners find that tiles larger than 18 to 24 inches can overwhelm a mudroom or bathroom. Feel free to ask for recommendations from the top tile suppliers in Toronto!

Instead of common shapes, you can add depth and interest to any room with different tile shapes. For example, diagonal tiles widen the appearance of narrow rooms. Additionally, you can add a border of rectangular tiles to define the shape of a larger room.

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