Does Ceramic Tile Need to Be Sealed?

Deco Tile December Cluster Does Ceramic Tile Need To Be Sealed

Ceramic tiles are durable and a good choice for a variety of surfaces. There’s always a question about whether ceramic tiles in your Toronto home should be sealed or not. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t easy. It depends on the project. Here is some information about sealing tiles.  

Why Seal Tiles?  

Ceramic tiles for your Toronto home are very durable and affordable. Porcelain tiles are much more water- and scratch-resistant than ceramic tiles, because they are made with a finer clay than ceramic tiles and fired at a higher heat than ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles may not need sealing. Unglazed tiles have no coating to protect the tile, so you may need to seal them twice a year. Glazed ceramics in Toronto may be fine without sealing. Glazed tiles have a coating that was placed on the tile before firing it in the kiln. This adds a layer of protection to the tile.  

Grout Needs to Be Sealed  

Whether you seal your tile or not, you must seal the grout. Grout is a porous material that can absorb water and stains. Sealing the grout joints will help reduce staining and provide longer longevity of the grout colour. 

If you don’t seal the grout, it will deteriorate faster. Mould and mildew can grow on unsealed grout. Don’t skip this step.  

Tile stores in Toronto can help you understand whether you need to seal the tile or not for the best performance. Get a quote from Deco-Tile.